Artisan Tile Inc. World Headquarters - Brighton, Michigan
Artisan Tile Inc. World Headquarters - Brighton, Michigan

We specialize in large profile commercial tile and terrazzo installations – including the installation of precast materials.

Humble beginnings: Founded in March of 1995, in Brighton, Michigan. We had only five tile installers and and two office staff (including our president, Jennifer Panning, and her father, Ralph Tenaglia). Over the past nearly three decades, we have completed projects unique because of their size and scope (jobs with over half a million square feet of tile), complexity of design and intricate details (hotels and arenas with over 250 different types of tile), and specialty applications (5' x 10' gauged wall panels on ceiling exteriors).

Our commitment to staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry best practices, as well as providing continuing education opportunities for our team, has helped us to become one of the most reputable specialty subcontractors in Michigan.

Award-winning craftmanship: Since 2018, we have worked on 20 of the Construction Association of Michigan's Special Issue finalist projects, with four of our projects earning their Project of the Year award.

Quality people: In regard to craft and character, we have some amazing team members. Even with a few recent retirements, we have a handful of people who have been with us for 15-20 years, and another handful that have been with us for 10-15.

Our Modern Approach to Timeless Trades: We use cloud platforms in the office and equip our foremen with tablets in the field to make sure both the office and field team are working with the most current project details. Staying up-to-date with new field equipment and industry news allows us to honor these trades which have withstood the tests of time, while making necessary changes to keep our installation methods and project management approach as efficient as possible.

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