We would not have the project portfolio we have today without our crew of dedicated, skilled installers and attentive office staff.

If you’ve worked with us before, you’ve probably become familiar with our core crew. Even with a few recent 10+ year tenured retirements, we still have a handful of installers that have been with us for 15+ and 10+ years. We are proud of their service and their mentorship towards our newer installers, and we are excited to have talented young men and women in the trade. We love our tile family!

In the Office

Jennifer Panning
Jennifer Panning

Although she started the business and worked from day 1, Jennifer is employee #023. It took some time before she was able to pay herself.

Jeff Dean
Jeff Dean

Jeff came on board and helped us transition to newer technology with more screens.

Jennifer Morton
Jennifer Morton
Office Manager & Accountant

Not only does she keep the office running, but she does it efficiently, in style, and smiling!

Andy Kornoski
Andy Kornoski
Superintendent / Project Manager

Andy worked in the field for 17 years before transitioning to project manager/superintendent.

George Thomas
George Thomas
Delivery Coordinator / Warehouse Manager

George makes sure we get what we need when we need it!

Morgen Panning
Morgen Panning
Project Engineer

Morgen spent a summer interning for us in 2014 and formally started working for us at the beginning of 2022.

In the Field

Our skilled tile and terrazzo ‘artisans’ hold more than 200 and 100 years of experience in the trades, respectively. Our success would not be possible without them! We are proud of their technical ability, problem-solving skills, and the friendly environment they foster in the field. We truly believe we have the best men and women in the industry on our team!

We Are One Big Family

We like to get the office and field teams together regularly for some good, old-fashioned company bonding and employee appreciation.

In Memoriam

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others"

– Pericles

Scott PanningScott PanningScott PanningScott Panning
Scott Panning
Former Corporate Secretary

Scott (employee #098) was instrumental in founding Artisan Tile Inc. He worked here from 1998 until November of 2021, when he passed away. We miss him dearly but he has left an incredible legacy.

Scott (employee #098) provided the seed capital to fund Artisan Tile Inc. He joined the business in December of 1998 to support Jennifer and her dad Ralph (employee #004). Scott took care of the little things you would never realize and the very big things that helped to build our success. His unexpected passing on 11/25/2021 has left a void, but he was instrumental in building a legacy in the industry.

Ralph TenagliaRalph TenagliaRalph TenagliaRalph Tenaglia
Ralph Tenaglia
Inspiration / Mentor / “Ceramic Engineer”

Ralph helped Jennifer in founding Artisan Tile. He worked for Artisan for 17 years and helped in ways that can’t be understood unless you knew the legend.

He retired in 2012 but continued to support the business in different ways. His easygoing, calm, insightful nature was delightful. He was simply a treasure.

Robert “Bob” SteigerRobert “Bob” SteigerRobert “Bob” SteigerRobert “Bob” Steiger
Robert “Bob” Steiger
Former Warehouse Supervisor

Bob was our beloved warehouse manager who worked for us from 2006 until 2015, when he retired. He was a great storyteller who kept his hair styled perfectly! Bob liked order, hard work, and keeping things neat and tidy. Sometimes he would ‘growl’ but everyone appreciated and counted on him.