Detroit’s Famous One Campus Martius (Central Hub) Gets a Touch of Terrazzo

Ever heard of the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio? What about Palladiana Terrazzo?!

Well, during the 16th century, palladiana terrazzo became widespread thanks to Andrea.

Traditional terrazzo uses "smaller" aggregates - typically ranging from 1/16" to 3/8" in diameter. With Palladiana terrazzo, the size of aggregates can range from nearly 1" to 12" in diameter (and, in theory, can be even larger than that!)

Palladiana terrazzo installations are more time-consuming because each of the large aggregate pieces which are set in place by hand, and then the epoxy or terrazzo mix is carefully poured independently.

Our installation of Palladiana terrazzo at Rock Venture’s One Campus Martius building was featured in Interior Design’s Spring 2022 issue. Follow this link for more information on the project in general, or to read about our traditional terrazzo installation that makes creative use of divider strips to display Detroit’s city grid. View some pictures of the fine art flooring below & at our portfolio! Don’t forget, when viewing the Palladiana, although it looks very contemporary… it became popular 500-600 years ago!

PS - there’s a pretty cool mosaic we installed, too!

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