Detroit’s Former Federal Reserve Building Gets a Unique Update

You might recognize this building, which sits on the corner of W. Fort and Shelby Street in Detroit. It’s the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch - and it has some incredibly unique TERRAZZO flooring! We completed this project in 2013 for Sachse Construction. It won a 2014 honor award from the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association! Fun fact, the travertine and metal “circles” in the floor were all set by hand, and the pea gravel and clear epoxy meticulously poured after. The elevators have a variety of coins set in the flooring, including pristine 1946 pennies recognizing the year the Federal Reserve Bank was built. These pennies were sorted and selected by Artisan craftsmen (including Jennifer’s oldest daughter, Morgen) to ensure the finest finished look, down to the tiniest detail! Check out this article from the North Central Terrazzo Association to find out more.

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